VoteSafe™ Security Overview

The VOTEC Approach to Securing Our Products

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Electronic poll book (EPB) threats can be characterized as voting disruptions or data theft. Job Zero is identifying data and control paths an attacker might use. Job One is applying proportionate blocking strategies. The other Job One is to develop / document Plans B & C.

The check‐in process needs automation to accommodate voters’ demands for efficiency and accuracy with guaranteed security. EPB environments must address risks to accuracy, trustworthiness and secrecy of private data. VOTEC’s security team utilizes “Prize Analysis” to allow total focus on the critical elements of election functionality, trustworthiness, and private data.

WelcomeVoter™ Kiosk Long Term Stability

The Microsoft Approach to Future Proof Windows Based Products

The LTSC version of Windows restricts updates so that laptops used in the WelcomeVoter Kiosk cannot be taken down by errors in Windows updates.

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