About Us

VOTEC Corporation was founded in 1979 by John Medcalf. Mr. Medcalf's background in operations research, actuarial science, and rocket science was built on his top-of-the-class ranking in applied math and engineering at Harvard. Among Mr. Medcalf's many post-Harvard consulting contracts was the development of hardware and software for mini-computer punch card central count vote tabulation equipment for Computer Election Systems. As Computer Election Systems refocused its business, they offered the large county punch card maintenance business to Mr. Medcalf and his consulting company.

Mr. Medcalf decided elections needed better use of technology. He wrapped up his consulting contracts and concentrated his business solely on elections, renaming the company to VOTEC Corporation in 1983.

Customers in more than 10 states serving over 15 million registered voters

Mr. Medcalf works with his team to think outside the box to find common sense solutions to critical concerns in the field of elections. VOTEC's initial product was a replacement vote tabulation system that added full redundancy for the cost of a serial cable, when competitors’ solutions typically required high-tech hardware and networking that would not be stable for another decade.

Flash forward to today and you'll find VOTEC using easily available technology to provide an innovative and inexpensive kiosk for accessible and secure voter check-in and verification. Voters deserve the repeatable information available on a kiosk, however the least expensive generic kiosk retails for $3,000. VOTEC trimmed the parts and packaging to just the essentials and competes easily in the poll book market with an accessible, secure and easy-to-use solution.

Integrated Back Office and Poll Place Management

Along with VOTEC’s considerable talents, you'll find we keep those talents focused on the portion of your business that voters consider most important - reliable data management. We believe spreading our focus would put customers at risk, thus we focus on our core business. We place a high value on close and constant attention to the fine tuning of your data engine.

Our VEMACS (VOTEC Election Management and Compliance System) solution benefits from 25 years of development by the same team and our VoteSafe voter check-in and verification system has 15 years of development as an extension of VEMACS into the polls. VOTEC first delivered online computer check-in at the polls in 1996. Our PollTag asset tracking solution integrates with both products and enables jurisdictions to efficiently and securely track their election assets.

Only VOTEC has the background in voter databases to take a large jurisdiction like Cook County, Illinois to full integration between a third-party voter database and the VoteSafe solution. Only VOTEC can boast 50% of its staff with decades of election experience in county offices to provide perspective as they deal with a jurisdiction’s specific concerns.

Please reach out to us at info@votec.net and let us know how we can assist your jurisdiction in voter management, data management and asset management.

Thank you,
John Medcalf
VOTEC Corporation

Testing in Clark County

VOTEC team members and election officials working with the WelcomeVoter Kiosk in jurisdictions throughout the country.

Washoe County Demo